Sunday, March 22, 2009

Edward's Twilight - Midnight sun

Midnight Sun - Edwards version of the events in Twilight

You may or may not have heard of Midnight Sun yet. It is a companion book to Twilight only the story is told from Edwards perspective. 

Unfortunately - Stephenie Meyers partial draft of this book was leaked and spread all over the internet without her knowledge causing her to, for the time being at least, abandon working on this novel.

I had not heard about this until recently and was so dissapointed to hear that it would not be completed. I, as well as many others hope she decided to continue with this novel.

Stephenie has decided to make the full draft (12 chapters) available for fans to read on her official website, if you are interested in reading Edwards version of Twilight you can check out Stephenie Mayer's site

Having read the twelve chapters on her site, I am even more dissapointed as even as a draft this book looks really promising.

Stephenie - there are many fans who want you to continue with this book!


  1. Please finish the book. I am really disapointed in people these days and would love to read the finished copy. PLEASE

  2. please finish the midnight sun book, i have read the other four books in the saga recently and i would love to have another to read!!!!

  3. I have not enjoyed a series of books, as I have with Twilight. I just fell in love. I have read them more than 3 times. All four books. Please don't let people that only want to do dumb things ruin it for the rest of us. I have read your draft of Midnight Sun on her website. They are more than books. Please let your true fans enjoy the rest of Midnight Sun.

  4. Stephanie PLEASE finish Midnight Sun. I have read your partial draft on you website more times than I can count. I have also read your other Twilight books at least 15 times each. I really think you should keep working on Midnight Sun so all the other people who love you book, ( including me ) will get a chance to praise the wonderful work you put in to all of them. I am begging you. PLEASE finish. For all of us. For me.

    Jasmine Ambrosio
    Age 12
    Ames, Iowa

  5. It is a shame that someone would be so evil and let the story line out!!!!! All I have to say is did it get them far???? Or what they wanted???? Hmmmm maybe!!!!!

    for Stephanie on a personal note: you are such a great writer!!! And through that writing I know there is a strong person in there somewhere!!!!

    So be the better person, pick up your pen again and let this other person see you are far better than their CHILDISH ways!!!!!

    God bless


  6. stephenie i love your'e other books in the sequel
    twilight,new moon, eclispe,breaking dawn.
    and they're so darn great.
    i would kill the person that let that draft out

  7. please continue the book. I think Edwards should get to tell the story through his eyes at least all the way up to ecipse. Will really like to read through his words what happend on bella's birthday and how he left her after that. this is an awesome story.

  8. I so hope you finish this novel. I just found out about The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and am so excited to read this. I will read all twilight related books you ever write.

  9. please finish this book...I am really looking forward to reading Edward's take on everything. It has been a really long time since I have really enjoyed reading, I have read the entire Twilight Saga 2 times and am re-reading them again...please dont let a jackass ruin it for the rest of us...

  10. plz plz complete the book coz iam damn eager to read the complete book.its superb reading it on edwards point of view.its so so.... gud that i cannot explain in words.plz publish it as soon as possible

  11. Please please please finish it I Android realy sad I whant to read more you should do all the twilight books agin in edwards point of view


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