Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twilight - Bella Swan

Twilight - Bella
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Twilight character - Bella Swan

Bella is 17 and has just moved from her mothers home in Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father Charlie Swan, the chief of police in Forks, a small town in Washington.

She starts her new life in rainy Forks with little enthusium or interest, her only joy so far is an old pick-up truck given to her by her father.

Bella is intellegent, shy and caring and makes new friends quickly but she is detached, perferring to be alone without getting involved in the usual high school going-ons.  Clumsy and awkward, she seems to attract danger everywhere she goes.

On her first day in her new high school Bella recieves a friendly reception and becomes especially popular with some of the male students, although she is unaware of their interest in her.  She has accepted her change of lifestyle but plans to detatch herself from getting involved overly much in her new town or school, until, that is she catches sight of a pale, hansome boy across the cafeteria. Edward Cullen.

She has her first real encounter with Edward when she takes the only available seat next to him in class.  Bella's presence next to him provokes an unexpected reaction in him which she percieves as anger and she feels confused and annoyed as to why he should react to her with such force.  Unaware of the real motivation behind his reaction, she is intrigued with Edward from the start.

Twilight is Bella's story from that first encounter with Edward to the forbidden and dangerous relationship that forms between them.

“You know your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash”

Quoting Twilight - Bella

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