Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Buy Bellas Bracelet from twilight

Buy a Braclet like Bellas in the Twilight movie saga

Bellas braclet that was given to her in the twilight movie saga makes an ideas gift for twilight and new moon fans,  the bracelet features a wolf charm to represent Jacob (for the team Jacob fans!) and a heart to represent Edward.

So for the team Edward fans you can buy the heart charm and for team jacob fans the carved wolf charm, simply pick a silver braclet and the charm of your choice

Twilight Jewelery box

The perfect place to keep your twilight jewelery

Lion and the lamb broken heart necklace

The broken hearts of the lion and the lamb really fit the storyline for new moon and makes a great gift

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  1. Why is the Jacob wolf charm so much money? lf you have an answer please contact me at: rego.luv.ferretz@gmail.com


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